Weird Eric grew up in Mid Michigan,  moved to Pittsburgh to attend college.

One day while exploring the city Eric stumbled upon a unique shop and a peculiar man…and that’s when things got “weird”!

Eric received his super magic powers from his mystical green jacket.  The jacket once belonged to the famed sorcerer Mezmozero. He gave the jacket to Eric and then was never seen again…as if he vanished. After donning the jacket, a weird transformation began to happen to Eric. Now possessing the strange power from the jacket, Weird Eric attempts to make the world a happy place, one party at a time.**

As a magician Eric has never been happier, and has performed numerous shows including, family events, birthday parties, mitzvahs, school assemblies, and corporate events.

In recent years, Eric demonstrated magic at the Cuckoo’s Nest Magic Shop on East Carson Street in Pittsburgh’s South side.  He also has been teaching magic classes at a number schools, libraries, and privately at student’s homes.

When he is not out performing prestidigitation, Eric enjoys spending time with his wife Hilary, son Elliot, and dog Earl. Weird Eric brings magic, mystery, and charm to every performance. Whatever it is Eric is involved in, it is sure to be a great time.


**(This account is simply fiction for entertainment purposes only… unless you believe in magical suit jackets, and then it is totally real.)